Turkish cuisine is one of the world’s great cusines and has a long and complex history. Some of the recipes collected here were developed in the kitchens of the Ottoman sultans over five years ago, where, with the infinite variety of fish, fowl, meat, fruit, grains, and vegetables that were available, chefs completed to create innovative dishes. The result is an array of recipes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

Humus, Imam Bayildi, Patlican Salata, Ispanak Ezme, Yaprak Dolma, Mücver

Lamb Kebab, Tavuk Kebab, Adana Kebab, Musakka, Sebzali Güveç, Hünkar Begendi, Kilic Şiş, Levrek Izgara, Alabalik


Coban Salata ... $7.50
Literally translated as "Shepherds Salad," this is Turkey's deliciously light combination of fresh cucumber, parsley, plum tomato, onion, mint, vinegar and olive oil.

Ahtapot Saiatasi ... $11.00
A wonderful salad prepared from char grilled octopus and acombination of fresh cucumber, parsley, tomato, onion, mint, Vinegar, and olive oil.

Green Salad ... $8.00
Red cabbage, lettuce, carrot, feta cheese, cucumber, tomato and house dressing.


Turkeys soups are renowned for their subtlety and their diversity. The winter season brings thick, hearty broths with fresh vegetables, while summer months see lighter, more delicate like yogurt-mint and tomato soups. Please ask our staff for today's specialty..

Red Lentil Soup: $5.00


Many Turkish appetizers are naturally vegetarian. Be on the lookout for our vegetarian dishes, indicated with a . All appetizers are served with our fresh baked bread.

Yaprak Dolma ... $7.00
Delicate grape leaves stuffed with a heavenly blend of rice, lightly browned onion, fresh dill, pine nuts, sweet black raisins and mint, cooked in olive oil and heated on a gentle fire to perfection. A delicious and unique vegetarian choice.

Ispanak Ezme ... $6.00
A spinach puree prepared with a thick creamy yogurt. Spiked with hints of garlic and basil, this choice is zesty and nutritious.

Nohut Ezme (Humus) ... $6.00
Turkish humus, a rich chickpea and tahini paste, is prepared with garlic, lemon and olive oil.

Patllcan salata (Babaganushl) ... $6.00
Charcoal grilled eggplant dipped in lemon juice, cooked until tender, and then pureed with garlic, vinegar, and olive oil until creamy. A delightfully layered taste experience.

Antep Ezme ... $6.50
This wonderful pureed spicy salad is named for the Eastern Turkish city of Antep. Prepared from finely chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, green pepper, and walnuts. The salsa-like salad is held together by a lightly seasoned body of olive oil and tomato paste and then sharpened with lemon juice.

Cacik ... $5.00
As far as we know, Turks discovered yogurt. Cacik, a cool cucumber salad with yogurt and mint, is the flavorful and time-honored result of that discovery.

Carrot Ezme ... $6.00
A carrot puree prepared with creamy yogurt spiked with garlic. This choice is delicious and nutritious.

Mücver ... $7.00
Brimming with fresh zucchini, crumbled feta cheese, and dill, our zucchini fritter is a rich and delicious source of vitamin A.

Sigara Borek ... $7.00
Boreks, delightful savory pastries, are the perfect Turkish snack food. Made from delicate layers of thin dough and stuffed with feta cfleese, parsley, and egg, their luxurious crispness melt in your mouth.

Imam Bayildi ... $8.00
Baby eggplant browned in olive oil, stuffed with a blend of green pepper, sautéed onion, garlic, tomato, and parsley, and then sprinkled with pine nuts, whose smooth texture and subtle taste beautifully offset the deep, warm tastes of the eggplant and olive oil. Legend has it that a Muslim cleric once ate this dish and was so overwhelmed by its splendid taste that he fainted. Hence the name, which "Swooning Imam".

Kalamar Tava ... $10.00
Fresh calamari battered and fried until crisp and golden. Served over a bed of lettuce with our special Turkish house sauce, and then garnished with lemon and a sprig of fresh parsley.

Soquk Meze ... Small $15.00 or Large $19.00
Translated as a "Cool Spread," this combination appetizer platter is the object of widespread appeal among Turks. It offers you the chance to sample a wonderful and diverse selection of our following vegetarian appetizers: Nohut Ezme, Patlican Salata, Antep Ezme, Ispanak Ezme, Yaprak Dolma and carrot salad which is not listed on the menu. It is designed to be shared and arranged in a thick, colorful ring. This dish is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Specialties and Entrees

Hunkar Begendi (Sultan's Delight) ... $16.00
Choice of lamb, chicken or vegetables ()
Luxuriate in the rich, tomato-marinated lamb and creamy smoked eggplant of this most classic Ottoman dish.

Yayla Tava ... $16.00
Choice of lamb or chicken. Tender morsels, simmered extensively in its own juice along with sauteed bell pepper, tomato, onion, and parsley. Served with rice.

Vegetarian Musakka ... $15.00
Layers of eggplant, zucchini, carrots, peas, red & green pepper, onion, tomato and potatoes topped with béchamel sauce and cheese and then baked in a casserole. Served with rice pilaf.

Patlican Musakka ... $16.00
A dish of pan-fried eggplant laden with a rich meat sauce, decked with potato, tomato, and sauteed onion and then smothered with melted cheese. Served with rice pilaf.

Istanbul Café Güvec ... $15.00
Choice of vegetarian (), chicken, or lamb. Adelightful entree of vegetables sauteed eggplant, zucchini, carrot, green beans, tomato, potato, broccoli, and green pepper, and your choice of bits of lamb or chicken. Served steaming hot with rice.

Etli Bamya Guveci ... $16.00
Lean cubes of lamb or chicken with rich okra in a tomato-onion sauce and then baked with cheese on top. Lively and satisfying, this casserole also comes with rice.

Enginar Guveci ... $17.00
A classic entree with lean cubes of lamb or chicken simmered with artichoke in a tomato onion sauce with cheese on top (optional). This casserole also comes with rice.


Turkey is surrounded by sea on the Northern, Western, and Southern coasts. Turkish culture is steeped in fishing, and our seafood dishes are renowned for their unique touch.

Kilic Sis ... $19.00
Cubes of swordfish marinated with our chefs special ingredients and then grilled to perfection on a skewer, where the tangy swordfish is flanked by grilled tomato, green pepper, onion, and bay leaf in a mouthwatering shish kebab.

Lavrek Izgara ... $19.00
A delicious entree of fresh baked sea bass. The smooth, buttery sweetness of the fish enlivened by scallion, parsley, and just a hint of paprika. Adorned with slices of

Albalik ... $18.00
Delicious boneless brook trout dusted with com meal and pan seared. Served with a light, seasoned salad of greens.

Karides Guvec ... $18.00
Jumbo shrimps cooked in aslightly spiced tomato sauce with onions and green peppers tapped with melted cheese and baked in a casserole. Served with rice.

Ahtapot Güvec ... $18.00
Fresh octopus, mushrooms, tomato, onions, peppers and garlic baked in casserole. Served With rice.


All Kebabs are half portion and half price during lunch time

Istanbul Café prepares a variety of different kinds of kebab entrees to meet the demands and the curiosity of your discriminating palate. Our chef offers chicken and lamb kebabs in a variety of traditional styles. Most kebab entrees are served with rice pilaf or spiced bulgur, and are accompanied by fresh greens.

Tavuk Sis Kebab ... $15.00
Tender pieces of hand chopped chicken breast seasoned in a lively marinate of Turkish spices and then char grilled on skewers. Served in simple, juicy perfection with rice and greens.

Kuzu Sis Kebab ... $16.00
Lean cubes of lamb marinated and grilled over acharcoal fire. Its simple preparation allows you to savor the exquisite, flavor of the coal-fired lamb. Served with rice and greens.

Adana Kebab ... $15.00
The darling of kebab lovers. Rumor has it that cooks in Southern Turkey regularly make Adana Kebabs up to thirty six feet long. Delicious, lean lamb tinged with a spicy vegetable juice, skewered, and cooked with specialcareoveracharcoal fire and served with rice.

Pirzola ... $17.00
Delectable lamb chops prepared in uniquely Turkish fashion over a charooal flame. Served with rice and greens.

Karisik Izgara Kebab ... $19.00
Four different kebabs in one dish! An inviting combination of lamb chop, (weekends) doner kebab, lamb, chicken, and Adana kebabs cooked to your desire and served with rice and greens. Aluxurious treat for any lover of kebabs.

Yogurtlu Kebab ... $17.50
Our house special Yogurtlu Kebab is home made Turkish fare at its best. Your choice of chicken, Jamb or Adana kebab is laid out over our home-made fresh bread and generously laden with spiced tomato sauce and cool yogurt.

Istim Kebab ... $18.00
Broiled lamb shank wrapped with eggplant slices and then baked. It is as healthy as it is delicious. Served with rice.

Yaprak Doner Kebab ... $15.50
Served only on Friday and Saturday

Delicious lamb marinated in its own juices and cooked on a rotating skewer. Shaved in thin slices and served with rice pilaf and greens.

Iskender Kebab ... $17.00
Served only on Friday and Saturday

Enjoy tender lamb shaved from a rotating skewer on top of lightly buttered bread with cool yogurt and a tangy tomato sauce. One of the Turkeys most loved specialties.


Baklava ... $6.00
In this classic Turkish dessert, delicate leaves of crisp, golden filo are layered with a tempting mixture of crushed walnuts, pistachio, sugar and clove. Laden with rich, sweet, home made syrup, our baklava is virtually irresistible.

Künefe ... $7.00
Baked shredded filo dough with lor cheese filing, sweetened with our chefs special home made syrup and served hot.

Sütlac ... $5.00
A delectable light pudding of boiled milk, rice, and sugar, flavored with cinnamon, baked in the oven and then cooled in a clay bowl.

Kazan Dibi ... $5.00
Upside-down pudding, traditional Turkish style milk pudding, make it from scratch. Served lightly tapped with ground pistachio.



Turkish Coffee ... $3.00
Famous the world over for its luxurious thickness and unique potency. Turkish coffee is served in small porcelain cups.

Turkish Tea (Cay) ... $1.00
Turkey's own blend of aromatic black tea leaves, brewed fresh and strengthened to your taste.

Turkish Aromatic, Natural Herb Teas ... $2.00
Apple Tea, Mint Tea, Lemon, Berry, and Sage.

Coffee ... $2.00

Decaffeinated Coffee ... $2.00

Limonata ... $2.50
Turkish style home made lemonade, made fresh by kneading amixture of whole lemons and sugar until asweet zesty paste is created, then thinning with cold water.

Ayran ... $2.00
Salted yogurt drink, served ice cold.

Coke. Diet coke, Cranberry Juice, Ginger Ale, Seven-Up and Sparkling water ... $2.00

Vegetarian item

Menu listings and prices are subject to change

Thoroughly cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish and eggs reduce the risk of food borne illnesses.

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